Our values and Vision


  • Values
    Our values are the deciding factor for our principles and acting.
  • Success
    We like to be successful, just like our customers.
  • Respect
    We treat people with respect, always.
  • Customer orientation
    Customer needs come first – we generate value for our customers.
  • Employee orientation
    Our employees including our auditors are our greatest success factor.
  • Mutual trust
    Mutual trust enables us to cooperate and together we achieve goals.
  • Responsibility
    We take responsibility for our results and our behavior.
  • Integrity / Credibility
    Independence, competence and attitude ensure our integrity.
  • Reliability
    We keep what we promise!

(Version 12.0)


The vision drives the development of the DQS MED. It reflects the expectations of the essential stakeholders:

We are the preferred partner for certification, auditing, and assessments; recognized for our competence in supporting business success and organizational health of our customers.

  • focusing on processes and management systems and product certification in the area of Medical Devices und related sectors
  • doubling our revenue in five years with sustainable profitability
  • from employees and partners preferred company
  • providing attractive working, learning, and development opportunities

The DQS Med generates profits to yield a suitable return on equity and to be able to invest into its own growth and development.
Thereby DQS MED ensure financial independence. Employees, internal and external auditors, and partners of DQS MED constitute the most important success factors.

(Version 12.0)